Trutron Corporation maintains its headquarters in Troy, Michigan. Our modern 14,250 square foot facility is complete with temperature-controlled environments assuring that precise prototype, production and special tooling requirements are maintained.

CNC Turning

1 Okuma LB-15  10” chuck X 22” length          
1 Okuma LB-400  10” chuck X 22” length
1 Haas TL-1  8” chuck X 36” length

CNC Machining

1  Haas VF-3 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center X40” Y20” Z20”
1  Haas VF-2 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center X30” Y16” Z20”
Haas VM-2 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center X30” Y16” Z20”                                                                                                            1  Haas VM-3 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center X40” Y26” Z25”

High Speed Machining

Mikron HSM 700 4-Axis Vertical Machining Center with 42,000 rpm spindle X27.6” Y27.6” Z17.7”
Mikron 400 U 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with 42,000 rpm spindle and a 20-position pallet changer
1  DMG DMU 50 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center with 18,000 rpm spindle
                   Swivel Rotary Table Clamping surface diameter 24.8” x 19.6”
                   Tool Magazine 60 position HSK-A63

Sinker EDM 1 ERM 18” X 30”          
2 Ingersoll 100K
1 Ingersoll 200B with Futaba Pulscale
All equipped with Xermac 60 AMP Power Supplies
CNC Sinker EDM 1 AGIE Mondo Star 50 with 25 Position Tool Changer - X19.7” Y13.8” Z13.8”
Equipped with a 120 AMP Power Supply
CNC Drill EDM Belmont SY-4050T with 20 Position Tool Changer - X19.6” Y15.7” Z15.7”

1 AGIE Classic 2S Taper Angle 30 Degrees @ 100mm Max. - X13.77” Y9.84” Z10.07”
1 AGIE Progress 2, Wire diameter down to .004. - X13.77” Y9.84” Z10.07 ”

CNC Jig Grinder

1 Moore (NASA) 5-Axis with Continuous Path, including Quick Chop Head and Rotary Table
2 Moore (NASA) 4-Axis with Continuous Path, including Quick Chop Head

I.D. Grinders  3  Parker Majestic
O.D. Grinders

Jones & Shipman Model 1300E
Jones & Shipman Universal
Landis Universal

CNC Surface Grinder Harig 618 EZSURF 4-Axis Surface Grinder
1 Harig 618W 4-Axis Surface Grinder w/Mach 3 Software and control
Surface Grinders 7 Surface Grinders from 6” X 12” to 10” X 20” one equipped w/Dedtru
Comparators 1 J & L 30” 10X to 31.25X with Reflection
2 Mititoyo 14”
3D Printer 3D Printer using ABS Plastic Maximum build size X8” Y8” Z12” (Fused Deposition Modeler)
DCC C.M.M. 1 Zeiss Contura
CAD/CAM 5  Stations using SolidWorks, Esprit and AutoCAD
1 Hewlett Packard DesignJet 1050C plus 36” Inkjet Plotter
1 Techjet Color GT A-D Size Color Inkjet Plotter
Inspection Department Certified to ISO9001 & AS9100
1 Keyence Instant Measurement (IM) Machine IM-6225
All Standard Tool Room Equipment and Hand Held Gages.
Misc 1 Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 Oven

Conventional Lathes, Mills, and Honing Equipment