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Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions
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Conflict Minerals

Trutron Corporation is committed to supporting responsible mining practices of conflict minerals, also known as 3TG (Tungsten, Tin, Tantalum, and Gold). We request our suppliers comply with the conflict mineral laws (Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502) relating to mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its adjoining countries/regions.

Sometimes being several supply chain levels away on material, purchased parts, and product used during special processes, Trutron Corporation must depend on the cooperation of our strong supply base to accurately report necessary information to our customers.

In order to fulfill the needs of our customer, Trutron Corporation needs the supplier base to work with us in the following important aspects:

Submission of a CMRT or its equivalent ANNUALLY (covering at a minimum through the end of the previous year, preferably through 1st quarter of the current year) is requested. This needs to encapsulate the suppliers entire raw material, purchased parts, plating, brazing, etc. base. Basically, this means any process that could introduce any of the 3TG to product.

Raw material, casting houses, and purchased parts suppliers should consider conducting Due Diligence audits of their 3TG smelters and refiners.

Trutron Corporation asks our suppliers to educate themselves on this issue and create their own policy regarding this subject and also ask that suppliers upload their policy directly to their website for wider transparency.

Please note the following useful resources for researching this topic on your own:

Trutron Corporation thanks you for your cooperation in this initiative!